Sunday, October 28, 2007

Orchid tree

Bauhinia variegata

This beautiful tree has been in flowering since September. It is found in several places on campus, and currently the tree on the way to Jersey is the one flowering most profusely. There are other trees of the same kind on the road near the canteen. It is also called Orchid tree because the flowers are said to resemble orchids. A closely related species is the official flower of Hong Kong. The Hindi name for this tree is Kachnar.

If you notice, there is another interesting tree in flowering on campus. This is the Indian Cork Tree (Millingtonia hortensis). It has white, very sweet smelling flowers. This tree is also at the turning for Jersey. Next time you go for a cup of tea, have a look at the flowering trees as well!

Botanical information from:
Flowers of India